Propestmen of Ohio, Inc.

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We offer professional specialized solutions to control bat and mice conflicts in much of Ohio. Our team specializes in humane bat removal and mice control in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton and surrounding areas. We have a team of professionals that are exclusively recommended by the Organization for Bat Conservation (OBC).

Choose our team of professional bat removal and wildlife experts to ensure that your wildlife conflicts are solved properly and in a timely professional manner. If you are hearing scratching noises or suspect attic pests such as bats or mice, give us a call to investigate your concern.

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Our professionalism, promptness, and customer support differentiate us from competitors of the wildlife control industry. We believe excellent teams of people are the key ingredients to building great service oriented businesses. Rather than providing a broad spectrum of services, we focus on areas that we excel and provide top service.  Call to discover our evolved process for bat exclusions and mice control solutions.

Our team is properly licensed, permitted and insured in order to provide a variety of wildlife control solutions. Our licensing and insurance policy give us the ability to: perform live bat exclusions, apply rodenticide (mice), and tackle attic cleanup projects.