Bat Flying in your House? – Ohio

Do you have a bat flying around in your Ohio home?  Don’t panic!  However, please watch the video to learn how to capture a bat flying in the house.

Unwanted house guests are one thing, but finding a bat fluttering around your living room literally takes “unnerving” to entirely new heights. If you’re living in Ohio, odds are good that the winged friend sharing your living space is the Big Brown Bat. Typically this bat bedfellow lives in colonies or large groups. Instead of hibernating in caves, this species favors hollow trees, bridges, and homes just like yours. Any structures that provide shelter for bats may occasionally experience flying bats.bat_flying

How to capture a bat flying in your house:

  1. Turn on lights so you can see the bat. Has anyone in the home been bitten or scratched?  Bats do not leave visible wounds. If you woke up with a bat in the bedroom, were intoxicated, or the bat was with a young child that can not speak, then you are not sure.  You need to capture that bat for rabies testing. Learn about rabiesAccording to the Ohio Department of Health: “If you are bitten by a bat – or if infectious material (such as saliva) from a bat gets into your eyes, nose, mouth or a wound – wash the affected area thoroughly and get medical advice immediately. Whenever possible, the bat should be captured and sent to a laboratory for rabies testing.”
  2. If the bat is actively flying and swooping around your room, simply watch it.  If you’re absolutely certain that a bite has not occurred, remain calm and attempt to steer the flying bat outside through an open window. Eventually, the bat will get tired and land. Usually, they will land on a curtain, blinds, or a picture.
  3. Using leather gloves, attempt to place a coffee can or similar object over the bat. Then slide a piece of cardboard under the can, enclosing the bat inside the container.
  4. Take the bat to your county health department for rabies testing.
  5. Consult your family doctor for health advice.
  6. Learn about bat removal service.  Give us a call to see what if happening in your attic space.  You need to prevent this from happening again.

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