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If you need bat removal service in Ohio, then you have come to the right place.  Bats can produce fear among people when they are discovered in your Ohio home. Our trained staff can effectively determine where bats are gaining access to your home and develop a detailed humane bat removal strategy.

During your initial consultation, we provide a written inspection that summarizes our review of you home. Which includes but it not limited to a thorough inspection of all attic spaces, unfinished areas, and the interior as well as exterior of the home. It is crucial to be thorough in order to develop a successful humane bat removal and prevention plan. Upon inspection an exact quote for the entire process will be given.

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Successful bat removal requires the skills of a properly trained professional to ensure that they don’t get back inside through a different location.  Bats can enter your home through just 3/8 inch of a gap. This requires extensive sealing and securing of areas such as construction gaps, roof lines and gable vents. Due to the complexity of performing proper bat removal, many people find that bat exclusions are outside the scope of a do-it-yourself project.  Safety is a prime reason to consider a professional. We are equipped with all the equipment to safely and effectively remove as well as prevent bats from entering your Ohio home.  Our technicians receive annual fall protection and ladder safety training that are specific for our industry.

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According to the Ohio Department of Health Web site: “Most of the human rabies cases acquired within the U.S. during the past 20 years were due to bat-strains of rabies. Since a bat bite is very small and may go undetected, the history of any potential bat contact should be carefully evaluated to determine the potential for exposure. If exposure occurred, the bat should be safely captured and submitted for testing.”

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Once people understand the risk, required equipment, and experience required for bat removal service Ohio, they discover that many people find that bat control projects are outside the scope of a do-it-yourself activity.  Your health is a prime reason to consider a pro. Our trucks are stocked with equipment such as ladder hooks, pivots, harnesses & lifelines, which improve safety. Our team receive annual fall protection and ladder safety training that are specific for our business.

Choose a bat removal company with experience and credentials – and relax in your bat free home.  We carry all the proper licensing and permits along with additional training and certifications specific to our industry.