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Dayton, Ohio home to the original flyer, no not the ever famous Orville Wright, or even the University of Dayton Flyers, we are talking about bats – bat removal Dayton Ohio. Dayton, has grown to Ohio’s 6th largest city with over 141,000 residents as well as countless numbers of bats.  Dayton is located in the Miami Valley at the merging of the Mad and Miami rivers where most night bats can be seen acrobatically devouring insects.  If you need bat removal in Dayton Ohio, you have come to  the right place.

We offer bat removal and bat control solutions to the residents of Dayton, Ohio. We specialize in bat removal in Dayton, Ohio.

A bat flying inside your home can be a common occurrence for some people, but it should not be tolerated. It is better for both the bat and people that we live in separate homes. We provide bat removal solutions that are safe for the bat and will solve your bat problem. We specialize in bat removal and hold all the proper licensing and permits to effectively evict bats from your home. We are the only company in Ohio that is recommended by the Organization for Bat Conservation for bat removal in Ohio.

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Choosing a Bat Removal Company

Surprisingly, it is a common problem for many Dayton, Ohio residents, to have a colony of bats living in their homes. They are usually first discovered when one member of the colony accidentally gains access to the living space.
Upon our initial inspection, we will assess your home for potential entry points for bats. An attic inspection can discover evidence that bats leave behind, such as guano and rub marks. In addition, we will conduct an exterior evaluation in order to properly formulate a bat removal solution to prevent bats from entering your home.

In order to provide a long term successful exclusion proper identification of the core problem is essential. Proper care must be taken during the bat exclusion and bat removal process to make certain your Dayton, Ohio home is completely sealed and secured.

Unique from other problem pests, many Dayton bats are protected by Ohio law. With slow reproduction rates, bats generally only have one pup each year. Bats live long lives and provide essential services to the Dayton, Ohio area by reducing problem insect populations. With the application of a live bat exclusion we are able ensure the bats are not harmed during their removal and can continue to rid your yard of problematic insects such as mosquitoes and moths.