How long can a bat survive in the house?

The only way to keep bats out of your home is to have an expert live bat exclusion completed.

After homeowners discover a bat in their living space we are often asked  “How long can a bat survive in my house?”.

This question typically arises after a search for the intruder ends up empty handed with no signs of the bat.

The reason the question arises in the first place is because there are a few types of bats who actually prefer to make your home their home. They will stay year round in attic spaces, wall spaces, among other places in order to raise their young and even hibernate during the winter.

Bats are excellent at navigation and survival, they are masters at finding gaps that are only a 1/4 inch or greater allowing them to slip away to safety. Often times bats will utilize areas such as cold air returns, unfinished portions of the basement and on rare occasion exhaust fans to find their way back to an attic or wall space.

The answer is simply that bats will survive in your home for as long as you allow.