House Mouse Habitat in Ohio

First arriving with European settlers the house mouse is a rapidly reproducing small mammal that has adapted perfectly since. The House Mouse is one of the most prolific invasive species in the United States. Living alongside side you completely undetected until its too late. While mice can survive outdoors in areas such as woodpiles, shrubs, fields, they prefer to live inside your home.

Outdoor Mice Habitat

  1. Low Decks
  2. Hot tubs
  3. Campers, Boats, Sheds
  4. Flower beds, Ground Cover, Tall Grass, Mulch
  5. Wood Piles, Retaining Walls.

Learn how to protect the exterior of your home and reduce mice populations around your home.

Indoor Mice Habitat

  1. Inside Attics
  2. Behind Appliances
  3. Basements

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Mice are very skilled climbers, they can easily climb brick, wires, wood, and downspouts giving them access to all levels or any structure. Since mice are rodents it makes this especially troublesome when your habitat is now also theirs for a number of reasons. For instance they chew on things such as electrical wires, furniture, internal and external caulking. Mice also make habitats by burrowing into things such as insulation, boxes placed in attics and basement containing storage and between walls as well as floors. Not only does this pose a risk of fires, or weather damage, mice also carry diseases all potentially putting your family at risk.

A common issue for most Ohio homeowners during the fall and winter is the ever so common house mouse, but make no mistake they can be an issue all four seasons.