Prevent-A-Mouse™ Program

Our Prevent-A-Mouse TM program is an evolved process that was developed over a decade of experience.  Mice reproduce rapidly, effective control can be an ongoing battle.  Our evolved process includes: sealing of pipe penetrations, rodenticide application, and optional followup visits.  Additional caulking, such as entire house caulking may also be provided at an additional fee to be quoted by your service technician.

Prevent-A-Mouse Setup:  Inspection of attics. Sealing of ground-level pipe penetrations. Treatment of Attic(s), basements.  You may elect to upgrade to include exterior bait stations to create a zone of protection around the home, or to protect sheds, boats, and garages.

Total Replenishment:  Followup treatments to replenish your attic, basement, and any exterior bait stations.

Exterior Only Replenishment:  Economical followup treatments that can be scheduled when you are not home.

We want you to be successful. Customers that complete the Prevent-A-MouseTM  program,  with a minimum of 3 follow-up visits in a 12 month period, may have the service fee of the second consecutive continuing year waived!

Mice reproduce rapidly, 6 mice can turn into 60 mice in just 3 months! Call today!

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Our Prevent-A-MouseTM Program is available for mice control and mice prevention in the Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton regions of Ohio. Please consider our mouse control and prevention program for your Ohio home.  You may find our complete Ohio territory here.