Rodenticide for Mice Control in Ohio

The house mouse is an invasive species, reproduces rapidly, and transmits diseases.  One of the most effective ways to control mice is by using an aggressive approach.

Mice are rodents and specialize in doing a few things well such as chewing (wires, siding, storage), reproducing, leaving feces and urine wherever the travel, in addition to possibly contaminating your food as well as your pets.

Our Prevent-A-Mouse™ program effectively reduces the risk of these issues.

Mice have very small territories and a common place for them to thrive is in your attic. Placing rodenticide in the attic spaces will eliminate the ability of mice to survive and reproduce in those areas. Treating areas that mice have been observed such as basements or kitchens may allow the issue to continue or arise again elsewhere in the home.  Successful mice control requires a thorough job.

Mice only live for about 1 year.  Without rodenticide, mice die in the house anyway. However, you can reduce the numbers of mice that live and die in your home by being proactive.  Maintain rodenticide inside the home, and utilize exterior bait stations around your foundation to create a zone of protection around your home.

We have tremendous success by treating homes and businesses on a regular basis in Central and Southwest Ohio.