Attic Cleanup and Removal of Bat Guano

When bats occupy attic spaces, they can leave piles of bat guano behind. As an added service, we have the capability to remove small quantities of guano.  However, if the bats have occupied the space for a long period of time, or if there is a large colony, then you may need the services of a restoration company.  For these larger cleanups, we prefer to direct you to a specialty restoration firm, rather than a wildlife control service.  Feces of any species can pose hazards to your family, and we want to be sure that you are pointed in the right direction.

Regardless, the first step is to have the bat colony evicted and locked out of your home.  Once you know that the house has been secured and the bats are evicted, then you can start thinking about cleaning up the mess.  There is no point cleaning up, if the colony is still present.

During our inspection, we can point you in the right direction.