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PropestmenTM is a trademark for the Michigan based corporation Critter Catchers, Inc. Through licensing arrangements and in-house training programs we have grown organically using our hand picked team to operate Independent branches in different regions. Our strategy is to identify leaders from within to grow. This may not be the quickest way to grow a business – but it is the right way to grow a wildlife control company. Since we deal with unpredictable wildlife, the business is just complicated enough to keep things from running as planned. This probably explains why the industry is fragmented and leaders tend to be local mom and pop operations, rather than national chains. We have the team to be successful.

The inspiration for the company started in the 1990’s when the company founder was working for a leading wildlife control company to help pay for college. This experience provided the perspective in wildlife control. For the next 15 years, he pursued a career in the Environmental, Health and Safety field. While he worked for leading companies in the automotive and chemical industries, he learned how successful companies operate.

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We started the business in 2005, and developed our reputation throughout SE Michigan. Shortly thereafter, we fostered a relationship with Rob Mies and the Organization for Bat Conservation. This was a start of our cause marketing strategy that gives back to the local communities where we operate. We were the only company recommended by the Organization for Bat Conservation for over 10 years (until they closed in 2018).

We have a largely decentralized business model that empowers independent branches to thrive in local markets and results in excellent service experience for customers. Quality comes from motivated teams of exceptional people.

Our branches contribute to the local community through our community care programs. We sponsor grant programs to bring educational opportunities to nature centuries and other venues.

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