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Our company is properly licensed to provide the wildlife control, bat removal and rodenticide services for mice. Please take the time to ensure your wildlife control firm is properly licensed.

Wildlife Control Permit #NT-13-611 – Granted by the Ohio Division of Wildlife, commercial nuisance wild animal control licenses are required by the state of Ohio. All employees at Propestmen are required to pass this state exam and obtain proper licensing before conducting wildlife control services. Being properly licensed is essential to provide proper, professional wildlife control services. Carrying a wildlife control permit does not mean a company is also licensed or insured.

Pesticide Application Business License #103704 – Obtained through the Ohio Department of Agriculture this license grants the ability to apply pesticides, such as rodenticide for mice control. Licenses are required for both restricted use as well and general use in the wildlife control industry. All firms applying pesticides are required to carry this license.

Commercial Pesticide Applicators License – The Ohio Department of Agriculture also requires each technician to be certified individually in order to apply pesticides. Technicians are required to carry this license at all times, technicians should be asked to provide proof of proper licensing before applying pesticides in your home or place of business.

Liability Insurance – Our Certificate of Coverage. Carrying liability insurance protects homeowners by providing coverage in the event of damage to one’s home.

Workers Compensation Insurance – Ensures that employees are covered in case of an injury on the job. In addition this provides protection to customers from personal injury lawsuits, in the event an employee is injured on your property. Homeowners should be aware of this when using subcontractors.

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