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In the animal kingdom, it’s fair to say that bats need some serious help in the public relations department. Neither cute nor cuddly when compared by most humans to puppies and kittens, bats are, in reality, rarely even seen except at dusk. That’s when the swooping, erratic flight patterns of bats are on display as they feast on countless insects plaguing every backyard grilling session. When was the last time your four-legged best friends gobbled down thousands of insects in an evening?

Setting the myths and misconceptions aside, warm-blooded bats should be a welcome sight in any neighborhood ecosystem. These winged mammals can peacefully share areas adjacent to human habitats, dwelling in human-built bat houses, trees, caves and naturally-occurring structures. Female bats typically give birth to only one or two pups each year, which are then faithfully raised from newborn to maturity.

Complications arise in peaceful bat-human relations primarily due to human behavior. Large portions of prime bat habitats are destroyed annually, forcing these insect-eating nighttime guardians to seek now homes — like those in a typical Ohio attic.

Bats are protected in Ohio: Remember that bats are protected in Ohio, with species listed on both state and federal endangered species lists. State residents are strongly discouraged from attempting to rehabilitate injured or downed bats, due to the risk of rabies. Additionally, homeowners seeking to remove bats from a human home should carefully consider potential legal ramifications for willfully causing injury to individual bats or established bat colonies. Instead, contact a Propestmen Bat and Mice Expert for assistance today.

Propestmen Bat and Mice Experts — Bat Conservation Activities: Through donations to the Organization for Bat Conservation (OBC), Propestmen Bat and Mice Experts generously to benefit conservation efforts around the world to assist in the preservation of endangered bat species. Many of these bats play a vital part in sustaining local ecosystems. Note, OBC was closed in Spring 2018.

What can you do to help bats? — You can make a difference in your Ohio neighborhood by hiring a properly trained bat exclusion company to remove bats from undesirable locations. Additionally, you can provide suitable habitat and offer a new home for bats by installing a bat house. In return, the bats will return your generosity by keeping nuisance insect populations in check, making your outdoor evening activities more enjoyable.

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