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One common question with bat exclusion work is concerning warranties. There are those that offer warranties with a very long term. However, they are not what the customer is expecting on the surface. There can be added costs.

The challenge that you face is that the repairs may have a warranty. However, if a construction gap is missed by the company, then it may not be covered by the warranty because they did not make a repair. These omissions can result in the exclusion not working, and you still have bats!

Ask yourself, is it realistic for an outfit to offer a $700 bat exclusion with a 5 year or lifetime warranty? Will they be able to support you with the appropriate level of service through the term? The math doesn’t work.

Propestmen’s approach is different:

Our flat rate exclusion is quoted to your entire home and includes a 1 year service agreement.

During the agreement period, if you experience bat activity inside your home (post eviction), we will return to your home and take necessary measures using caulk, foam, or screen to ensure the bats are properly evicted for no added cost. Our service agreement covers omissions – our job is to get the bats evicted. This requires teamwork, so please give us a call if you suspect bat activity in your home, such as scratching noises. We need you to be aware of your surroundings and report any bat related activity inside the home. Having a bat enter a home should be an occurrence as rare as having a bird enter the home. If you discover a bat inside, we want you to call us for a re-inspection, so we can solve the problem.

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When the service agreement expires, you can maintain a bat-free home by regularly inspecting your home for cracks and carefully sealing any new openings. We offer a maintenance program at a significantly reduced rate. The maintenance program provides an economical way to continue our relationship and maintain a bat-free home. Please note that during the winter months, bats hibernate in walls and attics. If we perform an exclusion during this time, the bats will not be evicted until spring, when they fly out in search of food. We have a nominal charge to remove bats from the living quarters during this time. During the summer months, bats fly on a regular basis. If you suspect bat activity, then promptly give us a call.

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