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Having bats in the attic in areas such as Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio is a common problem that homeowners often discover. Bats in the attic can be detected a number of ways whether it is finding guano on the insulation or hearing scratching noises in the attic and walls. Having bats in the attic is not healthy for the bats, and bats can cause extensive damage to your home and make it difficult to sell your home. You might even experience the occasional bat flying in the house, which puts you are risk for serious a serious condition.

Reasons you have bats in the attic:
Bats use this area for shelter from the weather and protection from predators. It is also where some species of bats settle down to have their pups in the spring. Learn about maternity season. Attics provide a winter hibernacula for the Big Brown Bat during the winter. Learn about winter bats in your house.

How do bats get into your attic:
Construction gaps in your home.
Attic ventilation
Roof lines.

How to get bats out of your attic:
Live Bat Exclusions.

In order ensure the bats in the attic are able to exit and not return a process called a bat exclusion is the best possible long term solution for both the homeowners and bats. Removing bats in the attic is accomplished by securing any gaps that are not being used but are potential re-entry points. In addition wherever the bats are entering the structure from a one way door or doors are installed to allow the bats to exit to go feed normally but not reenter. Depending on the time of year one way doors may not be able to be installed such as during maternity season.

Since bats are not a rodent and cannot chew into homes this forces them to move on elsewhere to gaps that are already present. This is why it is crucial to make sure the job is done properly and thoroughly.

Learn more about bat exclusions for your Ohio home.

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