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Have you ever had bats in your bedroom? If so having bats in your bedroom is usually a key sign sign there may be a colony of bats living in the home. While bats are not an aggressive creature by nature bats in your bedroom is something to be aware of. If you awake to discover a bat or bats in your bedroom it is best to safely capture the bat and submit it to the local health department for rabies testing. Bats in your bedroom can be an unnerving experience and we are often contacted once this issue arises.

How to capture a bat flying in your bedroom.

How to prevent bats from getting in your home in the future.

When you have bats in your bedroom it is not because the bats want to be there, they often are looking for a way to the outdoors and may be drawn to the cool air of an open window or breeze from a ceiling fan. Bats use a number of ways to navigate and sensing air currents and cool breezes is one of them. It is often a misconception bats enter into open windows from the exterior, this is usually not the case.

Bats may enter the interior of home a number of ways, such as exhaust fans, cold air returns or even unfinished portions of the basement. Once in the home it is the bats natural instinct to go to the highest points of the home, which in most cases is an upstairs bedroom where a window is allowing a cool breeze to flow into the home giving the bat a pathway right into your bedroom.

If you have or have had bats in your bedroom it is a good idea to schedule a home inspection and consultation to determine if there is a colony present in the attic and provide a plan for the process to evict the bats known as a bat exclusion.

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