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Bats in your house can be a frightening and unpleasant situation and should not be tolerated. If you have bats in your home it is a wise idea to have an inspection done in order to determine the cause of the problem as well as a solution. Even if you do not have bats in your house and want to prevent future entry an inspection can also provide a solution for prevention. Having bats in your home is common occurrence for many Ohio residents. However it best for both us as homeowners and for the bats to live in our own spaces and not together.

Bat Removal and Exclusions
Bats take advantage of gaps on homes that may have been formed from settling over time or perhaps during construction and renovation. Propestmen of Ohio offers prompt and professional services to create a safe and and sound home for you and your family. Often times homeowners delay having an inspection done or an exclusion completed because there is the misconception the bats will just move on. This is not the case having bats in your house means they have found a place to hibernate, rear their young and sleep the dog days of summer away.

The process of evicting the bats in your house is commonly referred to as a bat exclusion which is our specialty. Since bats are persistent this often requires traversing steep pitches, using large extension ladders and covering a lot of ground on your home to ensure a thorough job has been done.

Once an exclusion is performed the bats in your house should be able to exit as they normally do to go feed at night but not reenter when they attempt to. This allow the bats to move on humanely and you as a homeowner too sleep soundly at night which is the best case scenario for everyone.

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