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Spring’s arrival is guaranteed to deliver plenty of early showers and May flowers in your neighborhood after a long Ohio winter. Hungry Big Brown Bats are emerging from their long hibernation, and they are searching for food and shelter to raise a family. Echolocation will find the food; instincts will guide them to ideal shelter … like your attic! Early spring provides you — the homeowner — an ideal time to take the necessary steps to secure your residence by conducting a Propestmen Bat and Mice Experts bat exclusion before the bat’s maternity season begins.

The basics about bat maternity season:
Bats invading your home in the spring can come in two distinct groups: small groups of males, and maternity colonies. A professional Propestmen Bat and Mice expert inspection in the spring can help identify if a maternity colony or a small group of males is moving into your home. Males often roost in a location separate from the maternity colony. Special care must be taken if a maternity colony is present, due to the presence of young non-flying bats.

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In Ohio, maternity colonies consisting of females with baby bats — known as pups — are common in late May through late July. Typically, early-arriving litters will make their first test flights in mid-July, while late-arriving litters will take to the air near the end of the month.

When a maternity colony is found, a Propestmen Bat and Mice experts will begin the bat exclusion process with special care taken to protect the pups. Specifically, that means leaving a temporary opening available for females so they can leave the colony and return to feed their young. When the young bats can fly, a technician will return to install one-way bat exclusion doors. Installing one-way doors requires only a few minutes, and many of the bats will depart that evening — ridding your home of the entire colony within a few days. Your home will be bat-free at the earliest possible date.

Please understand that taking a proactive step early in the spring can alleviate untold anxiety later in the season. Calling a Propestmen Bat and Mice Expert early enables our team to complete an exclusion before our busiest time of the year.

Finally, remember that bats are protected in Ohio, and each female has only one pup that they faithfully raise to maturity. Following humane practices just makes sense for customers … and the bats!

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