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Mice trapping has evolved a long ways from just the ever so famous snap trap to just about anything you could imagine, glue traps, live traps, electric traps, you name it and its being sold and developed before our eyes.

We suggest not using traps and our – Prevent-A-Mouse program instead.

The problem inst with any one trap its with the method of trapping altogether. Trapping is a quick fix to a small portion of the problem, effective mouse control requires a proactive approach which provides a long term solution.

While traps are used for a variety of reasons such as being seen as more humane, along with having the ability to remove dead mice, or the thrill of the hunt. However the facts show this works better on paper than in practice.

  • Mice live in attics, basements, walls, crawlspaces, garages and exteriors do you have traps in all those areas? Don’t forget to check them all on regular basis.
  • Bait thieves, mice can often clean a trap without ever setting it off, thus you have now fed your invaders.
  • More humane what about the mice who are caught by the tail, legs, or midsection and lay there suffering?
  • Guaranteed to see a dead or suffering mouse caught in or on a trap, which is not a pleasant experience for anyone.
  • Commitment of constantly checking, re baiting, buying and setting traps on a regular basis while still NOT SOLVING the problem.

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