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Looking for information to learn how to get rid if mice in in your house? We specialize in getting rid of mice in residential homes. The house mouse is an invasive species, and getting rid of them successfully, requires an aggressive process. We have outlines a few strategies to help you get rid of mice in your home. If you need to speak to a professional, please give us a call about our Prevent-A-MouseTM program.

Tips to Get Rid of Mice:
Habitat Modification – Trim bushes, shrubs and grass along your home. Keep wood piles away from the home.
Sanitation – Maintain pet food in rodent proof containers. Clean up food around the home.
Rodenticides – Proper use of rodenticides can knock down the current population and prevent future population booms.

Places Where You Need to Get Rid of Mice:
Basement – Mice can move around the home undetected in drop ceilings or along the perimeter.
Attics – Provide a safe location for mice to live that is protected from predators such as cats.
Exterior of home – Utilize exterior bait stations to control mice populations before they get inside.
Garages – often store bird seed, pet food, and items that provide cover for mice.
Hot tubs – provide a warm location for mice in the winter. Mice chew electric wiring to pumps.

Perhaps the most effective and long term solution on how to get rid of mice would be to have rodenticide applied correctly and effectively. By applying rodenticide in areas such as the attic, basements, crawlspaces, garage, sheds, and the exterior of the home the overall mouse population can be drastically reduced. Once applied periodic follow ups are recommend to ensure its effectiveness by keeping a fresh application of rodenticide available.

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