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Call for a Quote Today!

Most homeowners never inspect their attic, and this is why mice thrive in attic spaces. Left unattended, mice reproduce rapidly.

Why mice are successful in attic spaces:
Protection from predators.
They can travel from attic to exterior of home or down a wall to a different level of home.
Nesting material in the insulation.
Target mice activity in your attic with our Prevent-A-Mouse Program. Mice are typically most active in areas that are rarely visited by homeowners. Upon inspection, we usually discover, mice tunnels, tracks and chewed electrical wires. Were you aware that rodents are a leading cause of house fires?

Mice are able to reproduce and continue their life cycle without ever being disrupted in the attics of most homes in Ohio for years. Do not let your mouse problem get out of hand. Give us a call to speak with an expert, and we will set up some time to inspect your home for mice in the attic.

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