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Maybe you’re not a mathematician, but any homeowner crunching these particular numbers might be in for a bit of a surprise where a mice infestation is concerned. A family of six mice can multiply into a family of 60 mice in a mere three months. This staggering number stems from the fact that a mouse reaches sexual maturity about one month after birth, along with the reality that breeding takes place year-round. Owls, hawks, cats and other predators keep the mouse population in check outdoors, but the average house cat would be hard-pressed to keep up with a burgeoning mouse population in your home. Allergic to cats? Well, the numbers just got worse.

Remember that dread for numbers? Consider that the average mouse lives to the ripe old age of one year old. And the only factor shaping the mouse population in your home beyond a natural mortality rate is resource availability. In other words, as long as the food supply holds out, a home owner’s mouse infestation can grow. And grow.

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Mice Life-Cycle Facts:
  • A single female mouse produces between 5-10 litters annually.
  • Each litter consists of 5-6 young that are able to reproduce at approximately 30 days of age.
  • Mice produce a great number of young, but have a high mortality rate in the wild.
  • Mice are an important source of food for a wide range of natural predators, including hawks, owls, and foxes.
  • The lifespan of a house mouse is roughly one year.

  • What’s the answer to this staggering problem of a mice invasion in your home? Prevention and Maintenance.


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