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Mice seek shelter indoors most actively during cold Ohio winters. Being so small and able to chew mice are often able to seek shelter in your home and go undetected in areas like a basement or an attic, that is until they begin to reproduce rapidly. As mice in your home began to over populate they expand outwards eventually finding themselves in your food pantry, or even silverware drawers leaving droppings and urine everywhere they go. Effective control is key to protecting your home and family from the risk and destruction mice can create.

Our Prevent-A-MouseTM program is designed specifically to control mouse during all seasons.

Once inside a home mice can survive the entire winter inside without ever leaving and even longer if they desire. Mice consume very little food and often are able to get enough moisture from food that they can avoid looking for a water source.

While several predators exist outdoors for mice such as, birds of prey, neighborhood cats, and even the occasional fox winter helps provide shelter around the home as well. Winter brings leaves piling up, snow, and debris from high winds. All these factors contribute to how mice find your home to begin with. Often time tracks in fresh snow can be found close to the foundation of a home with a mouse problem.

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Mice Tracks

Exterior protection of the home is recommended to reduce the risk of a mouse intrusion or even control overpopulation around the home.

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Exterior Bait Station

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