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There are some things that you can do to reduce the ongoing pressure from mice that get into your home. Success in the Prevent-A-Mouse™ program requires teamwork.

Things that you can do:

  • Schedule suggested follow-up visit dates – Exterior Station Replenishment is ECONOMICAL.
  • Do not leave pet food in areas accessible to mice
  • Eliminate mouse habitat.

  • The label is the law, meaning we are bound by the pesticide label to treat accordingly to specific directions and terms of use set forth for the rodenticide. In most homes when we apply the maximum amount allowed according to the label it effectively controls the mice in your home. We are all too often asked by the homeowner with light or even heavy infestations to “go heavy” on the rodenticide use, we simply cannot as a matter of it being the law. Fortunately part of our Prevent-A-Mouse™ gives homeowners the option and ability to have us back to replenish the rodenticide that has been consumed.

    We are experts in mice control. Follow the recommendations of your specialist to increase the success of the program. Followup is IMPORTANT. Please maintain the program according to the advice given by the specialist. For instance we typically find the initial treatment to have the highest amount of activity and if the mice simply consume all the bait from the initial treatment the problem can reoccur. Mice have a very short life span so the are capable of reproducing rapidly.

    We also advise homeowners to note areas of either activity or concern. Please share sightings, sounds, and trouble spots, this helps our specialist create an effective plan and address specifics that homeowner may have in mind. Mice are creatures of habit so there are typically common patterns associated with mouse activity, consider some other household noises commonly mistaken for mice. Some of these noises may be but not limited to : birds in the gutter, siding expanding and contracting, winds causing siding or other building materials to flex under the pressure, heat ducts expanding or contracting, wildlife on or around the home, normal house settling.


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