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A great deal of research has gone into selecting the appropriate rodenticde as well as, secured locked bait stations, along with correct placement of these products.

Often a large amount of fear and incorrect or exaggerated information can easily find its way to us through all the forms of communication available to us today. Part of developing our Prevent-A-Mouse™ program is integrating a large safety aspect into our methods and processes in order to protect non-targets such as pets and other animals. The rodenticide in which we have chosen requires large amounts of consumption in order for it to have an affect on animals.

Primary Poisoning – What if the product is directly consumed?

Secondary Poisoning Information– What if my pet consumes mice after they have fed of the rodenticide?

Correct Rodenticide Placement
Attics – Areas where children or pets do not have access to and are often unoccupied by homeowners alike.

Basements – Secured locked, child proof, and pet proof, tamper resistant stations are used in these areas. These bait stations are single load meaning they only contain a single block, on top of being secured a single block is not enough to have an affect on pets.

Exterior – Exterior bait stations are designed for outdoor use and are crucial in securing bait that has been placed on the exterior of the home. A ramp entry system on these locked stations allows mice to enter but disallows other non target animals from entering or children from being able to reach inside. Extensive testing has been done to create these tamper resistant station. Manufactured by Bell Laboratories, a strict level of EPA testing is required to be done. The stations we use have been demonstrated without failure to keep out 50 children as well as dogs each actively trying for 2 hours to access the interior.

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