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Rodents are a type of mammal that has been documented to be around for as long as 50-60 million years. Rodents account for roughly 40 percent of the entire mammal population of earth, and the house mouse is a large part of the group. Rodents include animals such as but are not limited to mice, squirrels, and rats.

Rodents are often characterized by a bulky body, long tail, and small limbs. However rodents are most notably distinguished by their front teeth or incisors. This makes rodents the worlds expert at chewing, gnawing, and burrowing. Homeowners here in Ohio may encounter rodent damage such as gnawing on wires, drywall, siding and even on vehicles in the garage. Mice are the most common rodent that frequent the use of our homes for shelter, food and reproduction.

We have a comprehensive rodent control program called Prevent-A-Mouse™ this specifically pertains to mice that we suggest in order to prevent future damage and even more costly repairs.

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