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When there’s something strange sounding in your personal space, and nothing else is going “bump” in the night, you can probably rule out ghosts in your Ohio home. Those peculiar scratching and scraping sounds just might be coming from a bat colony taking up residence in your attic, or a solitary bat that’s moving behind a wall.

Causes of Scratching in Attics

  • Bats under the insulation. Bat’s live in colonies, and you can hear their claws scratching against the drywall of your ceiling.
  • Mice in the attic. Typically, you will hear more of a pitter patter of mice scurrying.
  • Non-wildlife. Electric, plumbing, and siding issues.

  • We receive regular calls and complaints about scratching noises in the attic. Frequently, a mouse problem is misdiagnosed and the problem is related to bats. Most homeowners figure it out after rodenticide treatments do not work, or their mouse trap comes up empty. That’s typically the first clue the problem isn’t attached to four paws and a mouse tail. If you hear scratching in your attic, please give us a call to speak with an expert.

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    Another sign that scratching noises in your home is coming from something other than a mouse is location and type of movement. Typically scratching or squeaking noises in specifically one area of the home. Occasionally, homeowners will hear flapping of wings.

    Regardless, we can inspect your attic space and determine if bats or mice are a problem. It is a great idea to have your attic inspected regularly, especially if it has been neglected for a long time.


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