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Bed bugs may be the bane to human beings, but there’s little consolation knowing that bats have their own parasitic problems to deal with – bat bugs. Even worse, bat bugs prefer their primary food source — bats — but they’re willing to feed on other animals, including humans, when their primary food source is missing in action on a twilight flight.

So what’s the full story behind the bat bug? Like any animal roaming the countryside and cities of Ohio, bats can be afflicted with a number of parasites, including mites, fleas and bat bugs. Closely related to bed bugs, bat bugs are parasites feeding on all of the bat species found in the state. The insects are most frequently associated with bats that roost in colonies, such as the Big Brown Bat.

In order to control biting bat bugs, the bat colony must be evicted from the home. As long as a primary food source is readily available, the bat bugs will remain. Call a Propestmen Bat and Mice Experts today to make certain that bats inhabiting your home are locked out for the long haul.

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