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On a regular basis we get questions from homeowners about droppings they may find on their front porch or decks. Often these droppings are mistaken for chipmunks, mice or squirrels. However, in most cases they are actually bat droppings.

This does not mean bats have found a way into your attic but it can still be nuisance and frustrating. Preventing bats from roosting on porches can be quite the challenge and a service in which we do not provide. We do however have a number of tips and tricks for homeowners to try along with an explanation as to why bats roost in these places to begin with.

Bats need a rough surface to grasp such and brick or wood makes porches and overhangs excellent roosting spots. After feeding for approximately 15 minutes bats will often land to rest and digest their food briefly before continuing to feed. When bats roost on porches it is a safe way for them to rest without danger of predators from above such as hawks, owls, and other birds of prey.

Try modifying the surface on which the bats are roosting, for instance securing Plexiglas to roosting sites prevents the bats ability to hang as they could on brick or wood. An easier approach but sometimes less effective way may include hanging wind chimes, mechanical owls, or decorations nearby. Bats are good to have around try a bat house which gives them an alternate roosting site as well as possible home.

If you have bats in the home keep in mind we can certainly get them out and keep them out, which is always a wise choice to do so. When it comes to the outside, our services cannot prevent them from landing on your home or property as the outdoors is their natural habitat.

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