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On occasion homeowners may hear scratching or fluttering in the walls of their home and often ask “Why are bats in my walls” The only way to keep bats out of your walls is by having an expert live bat exclusion completed.

In central and SW Ohio it is not uncommon for bats to find their wall into wall spaces, most often we find it to be exterior walls of the home. Bats use our homes as shelter year round, and walls provide a safe space to rest along with the ability to adjust to changing temperatures. As temperatures fluctuate through out the season bats will either move up or down a wall to a more suitable temperature. When the bats move around it can make a scratching, fluttering or shuffling sound, do not be alarmed they are not stuck or trapped they are simply adjusting.

Bats are not a rodent and therefore do not dig, chew, or create damage from the sound you hear. However having bats in the home should not be tolerated as the droppings and urine can accumulate overtime along with bats being a carrier of Rabies.

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